Christmas Present Panic!

Christmas Present Panic!

Hi everyone!

Yes, my post is super late today! Have been so busy all day at work it’s just crazy. Hope you’re all well though

It’s only a quick post today too! Can’t stay back today because I’ve got some serious Christmas shopping to do tonight with the bf. YES, it’s only 12 days out and I am still Christmas shopping!! I’ve gotten about half of it done though… Actually, that’s a complete lie. I just keep telling myself that so I don’t die of panic. I’ve only finished my bf’s pressies (maybe – I am contemplating getting a couple more things! We definitely spoil each other silly come Christmas), my sister, my brother in law and one of my nieces. I still have my other niece, my bestie, my parents, my 2 aunties, my 2 uncles, the gf’s of my bf’s 2 brothers and my own brother. *dies* And that’s just the people I’m in charge of getting pressies for. The bf is in charge of his own parents, his brothers and my cousin (boys should know boys better right?). So yes, it’s definitely safe to say we have a lot of shopping ahead of us (much to my bf’s delight I’m sure haha).

So Christmas panic aside, back to yesterday! Breakfast was: 4 wholegrain weetbix, one banana and almond milk.

Then as per ususal I did my walk to work.

Mid-morning snack was: One sunflower seed, oats and chia seed cracker topped with super thin slices of reduced fat tasty cheese and lots of lean turkey slices.


Lunch was OMG. I was really proud of this salad! I shall call it my Spicy Summer Salad

It had: Cos lettuce hearts, half a truss tomato, a baby cucumber, a couple of baby capsicums, some spring onion, and “grilled” prawns. (The prawns were just the pre-cooked frozen kind – I defrosted them overnight in the fridge, rinsed them, then grilled them for extra flavour on our office sandwich press – truly the handiest thing ever haha). Oh, and of course.. Lots of hot sauce for the dressing!!

(Why yes – that is my little feet you can see there!)

My afternoon snack was: Half an apple and 2 thin slices of reduced fat tasty cheese.


Now dinner…. Well, I was supposed to go to the bf’s and go for a run then have dinner with him BUT my work had other plans. I totally forgot we had a work-related function to attend. I made myself a deal I would not over eat. And I didn’t!! However, there wasn’t much to eat anyway unfortunately! They had things like bowls of fries and sauce (NO – I did not this. Ok, I had 2-3 fries.. but still better than 2-3 handfuls!!), breads and dip (I didn’t touch the bread – only had a few crackers with hummus), and antipasto platters with olives, cheese, honey mustard ham, walnuts and gherkins. I had one gherkin, only one slice of cheese with a cracker as I had already eaten so much cheese that day, 2 small slices of ham and a couple of walnuts. This was definitely not enough to fill me up!!


They kept serving us wine though, and much as I tried to alternate with water.. after a few glasses I was not feeling well at all. Drinking on an almost empty stomach did not fair well for my poor tummy! Then travelling home on the train for an hour just made it worse. This morning I woke up still feeling crappy. No more functions for me. I am officially done for this season!! Even if I get invites, I will just have to turn them down, it’s not doing my body any good!!

But yes, that was my day/night. Today I’ve been trying to eat well and tonight I can’t wait to eat a proper, healthy dinner with the bf while Christmas shopping and getting an early night!

Hope you all have a good day/night wherever you are!

Ciao for now xx